Developing Interactive Bible Learning Model Based on Mobile for Children
The 2nd International Conference on Software Engineering and Infoenation Management (ICSIM2019),
11 - 13 January 2019, Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia

Bible stories have been introduced to children at early ages and continuously learned. The learning process is conventionally conducted in classrooms with books as the main media and lately accompanied by video presentations. However, the current life style in the IT era may shift children learning style. For them, smartphones and other digital media are more interesting than books. This paper is intended to create a mobile-based Bible-learning for children and youth. In developing the application, the researchers conduct qualitative approaches combining Borg and Gall’s Research and Development Method with Luther’s Multimedia Development Life Cycle. It is the utmost hope that the new IT-based learning model could facilitate easier, more fun and interesting for children and youth. This research is still on going and the researchers would like to present a smartphone-based Bible learning games. Collected data is processed using NVivo, a qualitative software data processing.  Research findings show that mobile-based learning including games is the most feasible model.



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