Home of the Giant Panda

The Chengdu Panda Base has made great efforts to develop, integrate and improve education resources to effectively conduct conservation education research and apply and provide better conditions for the conservation team. Xiaoying, whom I met the day before, attended to join in the room where I presented paper. And so do I when she did. She said that she would go to Panda Reservation the day after and ask me if I could go together. That was just what I needed, indeed I was very happy for guiding me to go there. Before going there, we had lunch at the best Sichuan Restaurant in Chengdu. It was in the morning almost noon in Chengdu and was covering by fog when we came to the restaurant.

I often asked to Xiaoying abou the food because it was strange for me. When I was eating it smelt so delicious. The food was very delicius, I had never met before. I thought the food was very expensive, and it was worth to visit the restaurant having the delicious lunch. After we had finbished our lunch, I was wonder when Xiaoying payed all the bill. She treated me as an old friend and brother that we had not met for long time. .

The best Sichuan Restaurant in Chengdu was covering by fog, 21 December 2014 Having lunch with Xiaoying and her mother,, 21 December 2014


After we had had lunch, we went to Panda Reservation by taxi, and it needed 30 munites. First we had to by ticket to intrance into the reservation taht was called "Home of the Giant Panda". A car took us to the place where panda lived. xXiaoying guided me visiting the center to get a full overview of a panda’s development. Learn about the progression from a baby panda to a full grown panda with a visit to the baby panda area, where I admired these small and delicate creatures. Despite their age and size, I saw how full of life and energy they were!

Some pandas were climbing pandas among the trees or stretched out on a branch with their legs dangling.. After some hours of admiring these lovable animals, we went to the hotel where Xiaoying stayed with her mother. She stopped me a taxi to go to Minshan Hotel to spend one night more at the hotel. Xiaoying said that she had to go back to Beijing by night train. It was a sweet memory, I never imagined there was a nice girl who treated a stranger as her close friend.

In front of Panda Reservation Chengdu with Xiaoying and her mother, 21 December 2014

At "Home of the Giant Panda", 21 December 2014e A panda was on a wooden stage, 21 December 2014