Beautiful Tiananmen

During the conference I met some friends from Thailand, China, Mongolia, Germany, and another countries. After the conference ended we took photo together, and then I went to Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City with Kanokwatt Shiangjen from Thailand accompanied by Chinese students Fang Yuan and Siriguleng. We took the subway from Muxidin Station near our hotel where the conference was held, and we get off at the Tiananmenxi Station, then walked up stairs to the street near Tienanmen. For arriving the square we had to walk along the underground street. It was beautiful building that was built so many centuries ago. In front of the building on the square we took photo as a our great memory. We can imagine how the square was mainenanced so well by looking at the beautiful flowers in begining of the autumn season.

Standing in the Tienanmen Square, from the left side that was me, Siriguleng (Chinese student), Kanokwatt Shiangjen (Lecturer from Thailand), and Fang Yuan (Chinese students), 25 September 2015

At Tiananmen with Kanokwatt Shiangjen from Thailand At Tiananmen with Fang Yuan and Siriguleng
Tienanmen with beatiful flowers

When we arrived at Tiananmen, I saw there were many people from other province of China and foreigners came to see Tienanmen and Forbidden City. Tiananmen Square was a large city square in the centre of Beijing, named after the Tiananmen (Gate of Heavenly Peace) located to its North, separating it from the Forbidden City. In front of the building we took photo as a great memory for us.

After we took photo, we walked to the gate of Forbidden City. Because of the crowded people it was hard to go inside (and entrance door forbid go out), so we took the right and walked outside the building and took a rest near the river beside the building. When we felt to be fit again, we continued our trip, walking to the subway station near the place. I decided not to go to Olympic Park because I had had a plan to go there two days after while visiting Beijing Information Science and Technology University, because they were in the same location. I decided to get on the subway back to the hotel.

Many people came to Forbidden City. (This place is named Wumen where used to dispose sombody who made great mistake.The main entrance of Forbidden City is at back of this place.)