Conference in Padang

National Coordination Meeting of APTIKOM (asociation of computer high education) took place  in Padang on 22 – 24 October 2015. Many universities made MOU with Sun Moon University Korea as the beginning of academic cooperation. Indonesian bachelor student can study for 2 years in Indonesia then continue to study in Korea for two years. Before studying the main course student should  learn Korean language for one year. Being very interesting, thesis or dissertation can be written in English, but student should have competence in Korean language.

The cooperation between universities in Indonesia and Korea made a chance for doctorate studyi in many fields, and other collaboration activities such as research, conference, and publication.

After MOU signing with Dr. Kyung Oh Lee, Ph.D, Dean of International Affairs Sun Moon University, Korea , 23 October 2015

After ending on 23 October 2015 evening, the participoants can enjoy the beautiful sites of Padang. Not wanting to take the tour, I decided to go back to Jakarta on 24 October in the morning. The weather as not as good as the normal condition. Before arriving in Padang, there was forest fires that had been smoking the city, and has been disturbing the people’s breath. When the plane took off at Minagkabau International Airport, some places in Padang was covering with smoke.

In the Conference Dinner with Muhammad Al'Amin (left) and Suryo Widiantoro (right), 23 October 2015 Some places in Padang, that was covered with smoke, was viewed from MInangkabau International Airport, 24 October 2015