Conference in Chiang Mai

First flight to Chiang Mai

I went to the airport with my friend for boarding at 13.30 pm to Thailand, It was my first time flying to Thailand and with Air Asia. I flew twice to China with China Southern Airline, Garuda and Cathay Pacific. The flight was delayed 90 minutes, so I imagined that I would not be able catch the next plane in Bangkok, because it was too late. I did not care if I had to stay  one night at hotel in Bangkok. I sat at the seat number 31F that meant in the back row. Before landing in Bangkok, I said to one of the fligt crew that I had transfer to Chiang Mai and the watch shew me that it was 19.00 p.m, and the boarding time to Chiang Mai is scheduled at 18.40 p.m. Trying to catch the transfered flight, the crew asked me to move to the first row in order get out quickly. She accompanied me to the flight attendant at the airport and told her what my problem was. After we had waited for a while, we had a very sad news. She informed us that the scheduled flight to Chiang Mai had took off, so the fligt was changed to another next plane.

We got on the flight at 20.00 pm, after we had been inspected by the immigration officer. The fligt from Bangkok to Chiang Mai spent about one hor ang 30 minutes. After getting off the flight I wrote the email from Kanokwatt that was reveived few days ago, to confirm the transoprtation to Mayflower Hotel that I had reserved. It was very surprise that Kanokwatt appeared to pick us up to the hotel, because I never told him when I arrived. Going to the hotel, Kanokwatt passed Kantary Hotel where the conference would take place. He told me that Chiang Mai University was not fr\ar from Kantary Hotel, it was just 10 minutes walk.


2016 8th International Conference on Knowledge and Smart Technology (KST’2016) was held on 3-6 February  2016 in Chiang Mai Thailand. KST international conference has been established with the aim in mind that a sustainable community will be achieved through continuous studies and share resources.It provides a central forum for experts and developers to promote, share, and discuss various issues and developments in the broad field of Computational Intelligence, Intelligent Application, Intelligent Computer Networks and Systems, and Emerging Intelligent Technologies. KST international conference will provide an opportunity for young researchers to demonstrate their talent and interesting research ideas. The conference will benefit people who are actively involved in research related to computational intelligence and its applications in Thailand.

Early in the morning we had breakfast at the Mayflower Grande Hotel where we stayed for 4 nights. After having breakfast we webt to Kantary Hotel on foot, it was not far from our hotel just 10 minuteas walk. It was not easy to find the hotel, because when we asked to someone we met ialong the street, they could not speak English. Fortunately we met a woman who shew me the direction to the hotel. She can speak English because she had studied in New Zealand some years ago.

Presenting an article at the conference, 4 February 2016

With Muhammad Rusli, I attended the conference on behalf of Kalbis Institute, Jakarta, presented our paper “Multimedia Based Scoreboard Development of Four Disciplines of Execution for Journal Publication” that could be implemented for journal publication. If the journal was published with six articles, journal team had to finish the paper processing consisted of 7 papers, all of them must be ready to be designed in the third month, hence the second month would be finished 3 papers and the next 4 papers had to be finished in the next month and then given to the design team. The focus on the research was manuscript processing, because it’s track effected the design processing. It was the most important task of the journal processing, because if the processing was behind schedule, the journal would not be published on time. 

Having dinner, 4 February 2016

After having dinner, 4 February 2016


After having dinner we went back to Mayflower Hotel on foot. Along the street we found some cafe, Seven Eleven and Starbuck. The loud music were heard along the street and all night long. My Thai friend told that the place was intertainment area, and people used tu be happy after their work day.