Invited Talk at University of Malaya

After paper presentation session had been ended, we had dinner together. I took a seat together with ICMT Committee, kenynote speakers. and conference organizer.  Emma Wang was the the conference organizer whom I talked to, whether possibility of the future conference in Jakarta, Indonesia. The day after the conference I visited University of Malaya having a meeting with Koksheik Wong, PhD, and some lecturers.

Visiting University of Malaya

Before I visited Kuala Lumpur, I had filled an aplication form to visit University of Malaya. I was introduced by Mr. Masruchin to Ms. Salafiah, International & Corporate Relations (ICR) Officer. She said that I had to complete Visit Request Form to be used for arrangement with the relavant department or faculty. Dr. Suraya Hamid, Head of Information Systems Department, had arranged the meeting that would be conducted on December 30, 2016 in Faculty of Compouter Science and Information Technology. She said that Koksheik Wong, PhD as the person incharge for the meeting. Mr. Koksheik Wong asked me to have a talk in the meeting.

My presentation could do with being prepared. I was my chance to meet some lecturers and practiced a talk in English. I could do with a paper entitled “Multimedia Based Visualization for Learning Enhancement”. After preparing the paper I sent an email to Koksheik Wong with the short bio and abstract attachment.
After having breakfast on December 30, I made contact with Koksheik Wong by phone to ask how can I got to University of Malaya. It was just so easy going to University of Malaya by taxi. I went there by Uber through the quite road due to the end of the year without crowded people. Before 9 a.m Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology University of Malaya was very quite due to the end of year vacation. After contacting Mr. Wong, he appeared from his office in another building.

Mr. Wong shew me some meeting room that with interesting chairs. Thera were 2 meeting rooms that was usually used to conduct a talk. About 20 students and lecturers attended my talk. They paid attention to my topic delivered for about 1 hour. After delivering talk, some attendees asked me some questions. I explained that my university created a video tutorial that could be used by Tax Office in Jakarta, but it could not be inplemented in Malaysia. Government had developed all the application needed for public. It might can be used for society in Serawak and the other under developing regions in Malaysia.

Talk at Faculty of Computer Science and Informtion Technology, University of Malaya,30 December 2016



A variety of learning applications and presentations such as mathematics, physics, and computer algorithm have been deployed rapidly, thus making students and users understand the topics easily. Multimedia objects can be used to provide the applications or information, hence the aplications will be more interesting and easy to be understood. Learning application can be built either as an interactive multimedia with embedded animation and video, or it can be produced as a video based learning. Moreover, it ought to design and build multimedia based visualization clearly. Therefore, the first step is to design instruction and then build interactive multimedia or video based learning. Instructional design can be created using instructional development method such as ADDIE, and during the developing stage, it is either done using Multimedia Development Life Cycle or Video Development Method. This paper will highlight the method in designing and producing learning visualization that cover interactive multimedia and video based learning. Interactive multimedia generally uses animation with its algorithm, while video based learning is produced through video recording. 


Reiceiving souvenir, 30 December 2016

Faculty Members FCSIT University of Malaya, 30 December 2016


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