CONFERENCE - Guangzhou, China

    CSE 2017, The 20th IEEE International Conference on
    Computational Science and Engineering

Arriving at Baijun Airport, Guangzhou

After I had no slept well all night, because of aafraid of waking up early going to airport, I was sleeping in the taxi when I arrived at the terminal 2 of Sutta Airport. It was 6.00 a.m when I entererd the departure hall and waiting for checking in. The counter of China Southern opened at 7.00 a.m when I was standing as the secong person in the queue of the checking counter. There were many peaple who most of them Chunese and spoke Chinese. I got number 50K seat as I reserved ticket through Raptim Tour. After getting the boarding pass and immigration inspction, I entered the departure area. The first doing was loking for money changer to change my rupiah to dollar or yuan. I decided to change money into dollar, because I thought it would be easy whether changing into yuan in Guangzhou or saving it. I thought that it was more expensive to by dollar comparing with buying in money chaner in Jakarta. It was true, I had to pay 13830 rupiah for 1 dollar, and if I had changed it in Jakarta, I would have payed only 13330 rupiah.

According to the boarding pass, the boarding time was 08.35 a.m, and I thought that I could enter the D4 gate at about 07.30. When I come to the D4 gate, it was closed and no one of the attendance was there. Before entering D4 gate, I bought a bottle of minaral water to prapare having water in flight or first arrival in Guangzhou. Remembering my first trip to China two years ago, I was very thirsty without having some water. I met a coupple beside my seat during my flight. They were from Ganada going to Beijing spending their vacation. The lady was about 50 years and her husband was about 60 years old. She said that she was a theacher in elemantary school abd her husband was teaching in high school. I saw that they were vary happy, although they did not have any kid. We talked so much during we were in the plane. I felt sleepy, so wake up when the plane was landing in Baijun Airport Guangzhou.


  Flight to Guangzhou using China Southern Airlines   Baijun Airpport, Guangzhou, 20 July 2017


I arrived in Guangzhou at 02.00 pm, and the time in Guangzhou shew 03.00 pm, because the Beijing time was one hour before Jakarta time. It was so far walking to find the Gate A7 that people tok taxi for transportation. There were many taxi, and it was easy to get one after queueing. Again, remembering to my experience coming the first time to China. There were few taxi drivers who could speak English. My Chinese friends recommended me to show the hotal name and map in Chinese. So it was no problem when I shew the name of Guangdong Hotel and map, that I got from when I made hotel reservation, trowsed in the to the taxi driver. Before I went to Guangzhou, I had found the location of Guangdong Hotel, that it was located not far from Beijing Road where I spent some days two years ago, through internet browsing. The taxi cost 133 RMB, consisted of 118 RMB for taxi fare and 15 RMB for toll fare. It was more expensive 32 RMB than I payed from the airport to Lido Hotel, where Lido Hotel was nearer to Guangdong Hotel.


Guangdong Hotel, Guangzhou

  Guangdong Hotel, Guangzhou,


Guangdong Hotel was four stars hotel, and it was one of the good hotels in Guangzhou. The accomodatios of the hotel was satisfy. I was always insists on good accomodations while attending conference, especially capability in using internet through WIFI. My room number was 814 at the 8th floor, providing two beds, Television and WIFI access.

The conference would start the day after, so I tried to find some food fo dinner outside the hotel, because having dinner in hotel certeinlay very expensive. I asked to the receptionist how I could go to Beijing Road, where many foods could be found. She talked that I had to walk about 10 minutes to find Beijing Road, and there was no bus becouse the traffic was one direction. I was hungry but I was hungry but had to walk until found a small restaurant or cafe. There were many peoples walking home after their work, they were rush hoping to meet their family, but I walked slowly hoping to meet some food. I decided to eat some noodle and pangsit, when found a small restaurant. I wished I could have solved my hungry first.

Going back to hotel after having dinner, I bought some food and driks in 7Eleven supermarket. When I needed to have a plastic bag, the cashier asked me to pay 0.02 RMB. Remembering my shopping in supermarket in Jakarta some months ago, I thought it was very good to avoid producing garbage. Atfer arriving at the hotel, I had watched TV for a while before started to sleep, because I felt I was very tired.

Morning was broken, when I woke up and then went to have breakfast in hotel restaurant. I ate some bread, egg, meat, and fruit, and having soyabean milk and orange juice. After having breakfast, I worked to continue my job making standards of reasearch with their manuals. I needed some hours until 3.30 pm to finish them and mailed to Mrs. Tiur. I wished I had been able having lunch in hotel restaurant, although it was very expensive. When I came to the hotel restaurant, unfortunately the waiter said that it was not any food, just drinks. So I decided to drink a glass of cappucino, wishing I had been able to be not hungry again. Some young people might be students who were the member of the onference ogranizing team were sitting near the restaurant. I met them and told that I had registered the conference through website, by showing my name at the conference program on my mobile phone. They found my name fastly and gave me the goody back containing name tag, program book, ballpen, and a pillow for sitting in a car. One of them gave me a sheet of paper to show where the welcome dinner would be conducted, for my asking to the hotel worker.


  Welcome dinner   Dinner with Lawrence, his wife Man Lin, and Mianxiong Dong
  Dinner with Witold Pedycz, his wife and Angelo, 23 July 2017


Presenting Paper

20th IEEE International Conference on Computational Engineering (CSE 2017) and 15th IEEE International Conference on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing (EUC 2017) was hwld on 21-24 July 2017 in Guangzhou China. I presented my paper on schedule of the parallel session. It was on July 23, 2017 after having lunch. There was a brief question-and-answer period following the presentation. If attendee had any question for the speaker, he or she held them until the question-and-answer after the speech. I used my latest research to present my paper. I did the research delibarately, do better research and paper quality. After presenting paper, I was doubt for no one askeing me question. I think neither my papaer was not intereseted in their mindbrief nor they did not understand becouse of it was out of their field.

  Presenting paper


After presenting paper, I met Professor Jn Li and take photo. He said that I was welcome to visit Guangzhou University havuing a talk. It was my pleasure to hear his hospitality and friendly. I met a friend from India named Tarun Kulhrestha and the ather from Aden named Mehdi who was studying doctorate in Guangzhou University.


  With Professor Jin Li, Vice Dean of School of Computer Science and Educational Software, Guangzhou University   After presenting paper with Tarun Kulrhestha