School of Computer Science and Educational Technology, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou, China

Riding to Guangzhou University

After attending the 20th IEEE International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, the nicce opportunity to have discussion at School of Computer Science and Educational Software Guangzhou University. During the last dinner, Professor Jin li asked us to wait him at 9.00 a.m. in the hotel lobby for visiting Guangzhou University. I, Witold Pedrycz, MianXiong Dong, and Man LI waited Prof. Jin LI in lthe lobby hotel, but we did not see Prof. Jin Li. I saw her student Sally and 2 other students come to us and pleased us to get on a car. After Sally had talked to the driver, the car moved to Guangzhou University. At first I imagined that the university was not far from Guangdong Hotel, as someone said, it was only about 30 minutes drive. Driving to Guangzhou University from Guangdong Hotel needed more than 1 hour, without any traffic jam. I conluded in my mind that it was so far, but it might be near for Chinese people. It was easy to find the location, it might the driver never came over the place. He had to ask to Sally, who was in another car, where the university was. We arrive at the university, but the car could not enter the area because the gate was shut.

Talk at Guangzhou University

Prof. Jin Li and many of his students was waiting for us, when we came. They were about 20 international post graduate students. First, we have a talk by Witold Pedrycz on “On disseminating research results: Essentials of effective publishing”. The topic was very interesting including writing a quality manuscript, revieions and respond to reviewers, and ethical issues. He explained clearly and systimatically what we have to do and what we must not do in writing manuscript. It was very useful for everyone who start writing article for journal. I had got the presentation file, and I would present how to write a quality paper to all my friens in my country based on in. There was not question-and-answwer following the talk, but everyone can ask every time during the talk. Many students very anthusiasm to understand, and Witold Pedrycz answered clearly. Witold presentation helped anyone to understand writing paper better. He gave an anthusiastic presentation of the right method. After listening to his speech, everyone in room was in favor of it. .

  Witold Pedrycz have a talk "On disseminating research results: Essentials of effective publishing” at Guangzhou University, July 24, 2017


I explained about developing multimedia and video tutorial, that was not far from my paper had been presented at the conference the day before. I said that the important to develop multimedia was to combine art and information technology. Without trying to use the principles of art, a multimedia application, e.g. game was not interesting. After we the talk, we walked around the campus. The campus was very large and quite because there was not so many students come to university during their summer vacation


  Talk "Developing multimedia and video tutorial" at Guangzhou University, July 24, 2017
  Lunch after talk at Guangzhou University, 24 July 2017   A gift is a symbol of partnership between Kalbis Institute and Guangzhou University


Prof. Jin Li invited us to have lunch cordially in a restaurant near Guangzhou University. At the restaurant I gave him a present from my Kalbis Institute. After having lunch we went back to Guangdong Hotel, except Witold Padrycz, because he had some business at Guangzhou University.