University of Buraimi, Al Buraimi, Sultanate of Oman

    Travelling to Oman using visa on arrival

    It was my first flight to Oman, when I was invited by Prof. Nabil El Kadhi, Ph.D, Vice Chancellor of University of Buraimi for attending the graduation ceremony. The problem came when Prof. Nabil El Kadhi, Ph.D called me and talked that my visa was blocked by the Oman immigration, because thare was not any famili name on my pasport. The solution was using visa on arrival when I arrived at the Muscat airport. The important thing was leaving Jakarta airport to Oman. When I shew an invitation from University of Buraimi to the imigration, they allowed me to pass. I flew directly on Oman Air for 8 hours to Muscat Airport.

    Arrival at Al Buraimi

    A driver of Unib=versity of Buraimi picked me up at the Muscat Airport and drop at al Khaleed Hotel in Buraimni city. It needed 3 hours riding a car on free highway. During the travelling to Buraimi,I had to pass an immigration office and stopped once at a coffee shop to drink coffee.
    It was very cold at night in Oman, because the season was winter.


    Leaving Jakarta Airport immigration by showing leter of invitation
    Buraimi in the morning
    Breakfast in Al Khaleed hotel