Industry Creative Forum AYIFF, Universiti Utara Malaysia,
    Kedah, Malaysia

Arrival in University Utara Malysia

The flight . from Jakarta to Alor Setar needed 5 hours with 1 hour 40 minutes transit in Kuala Lumpur. Arriving at Alor Setar airport, I was picked up by a lecturer and driver of UUM and dropped at EDC Hotel and Resort that was belonged to UUM. Driving from the Alor Setar airport to the hotel needed 1 hour. The hotel was used to stay for the university guests, including lecturers and students.

The Malaysian creative content industry has grown tremendously. In fact, the industry has always been seen as a supporting platform to other industries in Malaysia, which is now going international. In conjunction, government initiatives are provided for the community to venture into the industry. It can be seen through the policies spelled-out in the Dasar Industri Kreatif Negara. Hence, SCIMPA UUM takes this opportunity to bring professionals, academics, practitioners, AND students from all over the world together in further nurturing the potentials to the Asian Youth Indie Film Festival 2018 (AYIFF 2018).

Creative Industry Forum

Prof. Jin Li and many of his students was waiting for us, when we came. They were about 20 international post graduate students. First, we have a talk by Witold Pedrycz on “On disseminating research results: Essentials of effective publishing”. The topic was very interesting including writing a quality manuscript, revieions and respond to reviewers, and ethical issues. He explained clearly and systimatically what we have to do and what we must not do in writing manuscript. It was very useful for everyone who start writing article for journal. I had got the presentation file, and I would present how to write a quality paper to all my friens in my country based on in. There was not question-and-answwer following the talk, but everyone can ask every time during the talk. Many students very anthusiasm to understand, and Witold Pedrycz answered clearly. Witold presentation helped anyone to understand writing paper better. He gave an anthusiastic presentation of the right method. After listening to his speech, everyone in room was in favor of it. .

  Creative Industry Forum, April 10, 2018
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