CONFERENCE - Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia

    ICSIM 2019, International Conference on Software Engineering and Information Management

    I went to the airport by myself for boarding at 09:00 a.m. to Denpasar, Bali, It was my second time flying to Bali the first time to Bali in April 2018 for a meeting prapering the conference with colleagues from Universits Pendidikan Ganesha (Undiksha). I arrived at Deanpasar airport at about 11:30 a.m., and should get to Undiksha, Singaraja in the afternoon for preparing the conference. I met Joseph T=Renwarin from Kalbis Institute who arrived previously at the airport. Then we were picked up at the airport by Mr. Jude from Undiksha. Going to Singaraja, we picked Prof. Eko Budiardjo at a hotel and Joy Xu with Zoey Xu, who stated at another hotel. During the trip to Singaraja, we stopped at a small traditional restaurant for having lunch. After dropping Prof. Eko Budiardjo and Joseph Renwarin in thir hotels, we arrived at Post Graduate Undiksha Building, and welcomes by Dr. Ketut Agustini. We saw the preparation of the conference. All backdrop, banner were ready, but conference materials from China did not arrived. I asked Emma to whom I should contact to fix the problem. After getting information from Emma, I contacted UPS who deliverd the conference materials from China, but the UPS staff said that the materials delivered to Singaraja by JNE. Unfortunately JNE office in Bali was closed, and would open on the next day. Regarding the experiences on the previous conference in Jakarta, we tried to by plastic bag and leaflet for backup.

    The conference was opened in afternoon on January 2019. Ms. Karina, a lecturer in Undiksha introduced me as the conference chair to welcome to all keynote speakers, participants, and guests. I appreciated and thanked so much to Dr. Ketut Agustini and all the Undiksha team for preparing the succesful conference. The conference were opened by Vice Rector of Undiksha and me using a "gong", a traditional music instrument. Traditional Bali dancing by students of Undiksha was presented in the opening.

    Zoey Xu, Dr. Ketut Agustini, Hadi Sutopo, and Joy Xu
      Post Graduate Undiksha room
      Opening Ceremony by Vice Rector of Undiksha and Conference Chair
      Welcome Speech by Conference Chair Hadi Sutopo   Traditional Bali Dance by students of Undiksha


    Academic Visit to Undiksha

    After having coffee break, the participants had an academic tour on foot that emded in Rector building. Participants tasted many kinds of Balinese fruits, who never had eaten in their country. Many kinds of fruit were presented, and the participants were very pleased. They were fruits the participants had never tasted before..

  Academic Visit