About the Publisher

Founded in 2021 and headquartered in South Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia, with subsidiary offices (Book and Journal Publishing), TOPAZART is a growing independent educational development company. We are committed to facilitating pioneering research discoveries that enhance and broaden the body of knowledge available to the research community through traditional and open-access publishing workflows.


TOPAZART aims to increase literacy in the field of education for the community. However, so that the wider community can improve their ability to use various literacy in education, the district must correctly understand the benefits and believe that the literacy chosen to be understood, designed, and used can improve the community's welfare.


To achieve these goals, TOPAZART performs::

  • Develop multimedia and game-based learning media.
  • Developing application software
  • Publishing books.
  • Publishing newspapers, journals, and magazines.
  • Provide training in the fields of educational technology and ICT.

Working closely with expert researchers and professionals from several leading institutions, TOPAZART publishes quality peer-reviewed content in many fields of study. With professionals, researchers, and experts worldwide contributing to our publications, we ensure that each title contains the most current and timely research.

Any direct marketing activities, including requests for manuscripts made on behalf of the journal, are unaffected. The information provided is about the publisher or journal and is not misleading to the reader or author. The journal has a policy of not accepting and placing any advertisements from anyone.

Organization Structure

Ruko Golden Madrid Blok D No. 26 Room 673
Jl. Letnan Sutopo, BSD City
Tangerang Selatan - Banten 15310
Phone: +62 21 5316 0529
Email: info@topazart.info
Website: http://topazart.info/index.html